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Soft, soothing fabric mask is extremely comfortable to wear! 
Puts an end to your snoring once and for all!
No uncomfortable headgear, chinstraps, or helmets to wear!
Fully rechargeable and lightweight!
36 different levels of snoring suppression work with your personal needs!
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Superb Quality
The HVNSleep Mask uses premium components offering superior performance and comfort.
No-Hassle Returns
If you are not satisfied with your HVNSleep Mask you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Quick Delivery
Get HVNSleep Mask delivered straight to your home. It's simple to use and comfortable to wear!
Stops you from snoring without any drugs or uncomfortable devices!
The HVNSleep Mask is the revolutionary way to put an end to your snoring once and for all! By using biofeedback, it monitors your sleep and emits tiny vibrations that inhibit your tendency to snore.
Optimum Comfort
Unlike many other devices that claim to stop snoring, the HVNSleep Mask is completely comfortable to use. There are no painful nasal inserts, restrictive chin straps, or ridiculous helmets for you to wear – the HVNSleep Mask provides optimum comfort while putting an end to your snoring!
Perfect for the home, trains, subways, and airplanes
Have you ever been afraid of dozing off on a train or airplane because you KNOW you’ll start snoring as soon as you fall asleep? Well, now you can say GOODBYE to those embarrassing moments forever – the HVNSleep Mask uses a long-lasting rechargeable battery, meaning you can use it on any train, plane, or bus!
Requires no drugs or prescription medicines
Finally there’s a way to stop snoring once and for all! The HVNSleep Mask monitors your sleep habits and uses biofeedback technology and gentle vibrations to help improve your breathing. It’s the best and most pain-free method to stop snoring and finally get the quality of sleep you deserve!
Designed to give you the features and comfort you require most!
Double duty mask also blocks ambient light
The HVNSleep Mask not only stops you from snoring, but it also helps you to achieve a deep, relaxing sleep by blocking out ambient level lighting. By combining its revolutionary snore-stopping feature with all the benefits of a light-blocking mask, the HVNSleep Mask offers you the best sleep you can imagine.
Lightweight design is comfortable to wear
The HVNSleep Mask is extremely lightweight and won’t cause you any discomfort while sleeping. It uses microelectronics to monitor your biofeedback without weighing any more than a traditional light-blocking sleep mask.
Molded eye cups won’t put pressure on your eyes
The HVNSleep Mask features molded eyecups that give you generous space for your eyes. It won’t put pressure on your eyelids, allowing you to blink normally and without smearing any eye makeup – an important feature if you wear the HVNSleep Mask on public transit!
How to Use the HVNSleep Mask
Go to the Apple Store or Google Store to download the "Sleeplus" app
Make sure the HVNSleep Mask is fully charged using the included USB cable.
Wear the HVNSleep Mask while you’re sleeping.
Check Your Snore/Sleep Data on Sleeplus app to monitor your progress.
What Our Customers Have to Say About the HVNSleep Mask
Put an end to my husband’s snoring!
The HVN Mask saved my marriage! My husband’s snoring was so bad it was ruining our marriage. I could still hear him even after he started sleeping on the couch in the living room! I thought I’d never get another good night’s sleep until we tried the HVNSleep Mask. I can’t think of anything that’s ever had such a positive impact on my life!
Shelly D. - Denver, CO
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Average Rating
Casey K. – St. Louis, MO
It took a LONG time before my boyfriend told me I snored. I was embarrassed beyond belief! Thankfully, my girlfriend had been through something similar with her husband. He used to snore like an earthquake, until they tried the HVNSleep Mask. I tried it myself and my snoring DISAPPEARED. And I love how I can check to see if I’m snoring in the app, so I know my boyfriend isn’t just being nice to me when he says I stopped snoring.
Mark S. — Tampa, FL
I’d been single for about 10 years after my divorce, so my snoring never really bothered me. But when I started dating Stephanie earlier this year, I knew I had to put an end to my snoring. Thank goodness I discovered the HVNSleep Mask. I never thought I’d be able to get rid of my snoring, but the HVNSleep Mask really did the trick! Thank you!!
Jeanne H. — Bangor, ME
My snoring got so bad that even my cat stopped sleeping with me! I knew I had to do something, but nothing I tried in the past had ever worked. The HVNSleep Mask was different, though. I was able to use the app to see how much I was snoring every night. You have no idea how happy I was when I was finally able to STOP snoring!!
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Whether you’re a light snorer or louder than a train, HVNSleep Mask can stop your snoring forever!
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Puts an end to your snoring forever!
Easy to use!
Comfortable to wear!
Track progress with the smartphone app!
No drugs, sprays, or lotions required!
Get 50% OFF your order when you purchase today! 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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