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30 DAY GUARANTEE: HVNSleep Mask offers a 30 day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.
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Vinnie G. Hoboken, NJ

My snoring got so bad that my girlfriend started refusing to spend the night at my place! I tried a bunch of things to stop snoring, but they all were total garbage – that is, UNTIL I discovered the HVNSleep Mask. It stopped my snoring the first time I used it. Now my girlfriend LOVES staying over with me!

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  • · 62
  • · Dec 8, 2020 3:57 PM

Audrey B. Denver, CO

I used to wake up every day with a terrible sinus headache. It turns out all that snoring made me sleep with my mouth open, which would dry out my sinuses! The HVNSleep Mask fixed that problem right away - not only did I stop snoring, I stopped getting headaches, too!

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  • · 18
  • · Dec 10, 2020 7:20 AM

Bill F. Pipestone, MN

I ride the train to and from work, and people were always waking me up because I snored. It was so embarrassing! Well, all of that changed once I started using the HVNSleep Mask – it totally stops my snoring, and now I can ride the train without getting embarrassed every day!

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  • · 30
  • · Dec 2, 2020 5:35 PM

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question: Does the HVNSleep Mask need to be plugged into the wall?  
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Not at all! The HVNSleep Mask features a rechargeable battery, and the charge lasts long enough to get you through the night.

Question: Do I need to use anything else with HVNSleep Mask? 
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Nope. The HVNSleep Mask is fully self-contained and doesn’t require anything else to operate.

Question: Is the HVNSleep Mask uncomfortable to wear?
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Quite the contrary! The HVNSleep Mask is made of a soft, comfortable material that pampers your skin.

Question: What if the vibration is too strong for me? Can I turn it down? 
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You sure can! In addition to its automatic vibration levels, you can also adjust the vibration level manually to perfectly suit your personal needs.

Question: I travel a lot and don’t want to worry about losing any chargers. How do I charge the HVNSleep Mask? 
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The HVNSleep Mask is easy to charge! Just plug it into any standard USB socket, like the one on your laptop. No special charger or power supply is required.

Question: What if the HVNSleep Mask doesn’t work for me? Can I return it?
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Yes! You have a 30-day period to try out your HVNSleep Mask. If you find it doesn’t solve all of your problems during that that time, you can return it for a full refund.

Question: Will the HVNSleep Mask disturb my partner’s sleep in any way?
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Not at all! The vibrations and sounds used by the HVNSleep Mask to stop snoring are only noticeable by the person wearing it.

Question: I’m not good with technology and computers. Do I have to use the smartphone app to use the HVNSleep Mask? 
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The smartphone app is not required to use the HVNSleep Mask in any way. However, the app does let you keep a visual record of your snoring habits if you prefer to monitor them.

Question: How does the HVNSleep Mask stop snoring?
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By emitting vibrations of 36 different levels, the HVNSleep Mask guides the muscles around your throat to tighten, opening up your airway to make you breathe smoothly and quietly.

Question: Do I need to have an iPhone to use the HVNSleep Mask app?
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The HVNSleep Mask app works with any modern smartphone using Apple’s iOS or any modern smartphone running the Android operating system.


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